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Account Page

First of all, you can register using our secure registration form to create an account. If you are not registered yet then read about registration in Getting Started page.


The My Account page is the central customer dashboard on the Silverhammer Platform. You can access it from the Member Menu (when logged in, go to Menu / My Account).

Customer Dashboard

After creating an account, you get a customer dashboard where you can access your recent orders, shipping and billing addresses, and account settings. 


If you don’t have a seller account you will have the option to become a seller. You can access your seller dashboard once you completed the registration.

Product Preference

We use this to show you relevant content. For example, if you are a coin collector and you are not interested in collecting medals, you can uncheck the relevant checkbox and we won’t show you medals in the search results or home page sections. 


This is set in the registration process but you can come to the dashboard to change your settings.


Members can access their order history. All purchases will be listed here, including subscriptions.


At a glance you can check your order number, date, status, total order amount, and actions available for each order including View Order, Return Request, View & Download Invoice, and Review Seller.


This section is under development – we aim to provide users with selling capabilities with downloadable listings such as guides and research papers.


Edit your Billing Address and Shipping Address

Return Requests 

Your return requests submitted from Order Actions will appear here.


Check out other ways to request Returns via Support Requests (tickets). This is useful if you wish to return an item after the expiry date or if the seller didn’t provide a return option. Your rights aren’t affected.

Payment methods

The debit or credit card details you save at checkout will appear here. You can delete cards or make one the default payment method.


You can also add additional payment cards to use at checkout in the future.

Account Details

Members can edit their name, display name, email address and change password.


Note: If you change your name in the account you may need to verify your details again.

SHCA Coins

In this section you can view your SHCA Coins (reward points) statement. At a glance you can view the date, amount of SHCA Coins awarded and how they were earned.


We reward all members for certain actions related to activity on the website including  purchases. More information about our rewards program can be found here on the  SHCA Rewards Program section.


In this section you can see your coupons available to use offered by the marketplace operator, and any expired coupons.


In addition, you can see coupons used previously including coupons from the marketplace sellers.


Note: you can also see coupons and codes available from the marketplace sellers by visiting the individual shop pages.


This tab shows your saved stores. Visit any store and click on the icon visible on the store banner. The counter will show how many members saved that store. 

Seller Support Tickets

In this section you can view and reply to Sellers’ support messages and conversations. You can message Sellers from the listing page or their store after successful login.


If your enquiry is regarding a purchase, you have already made then you will have an option to select the relevant order number.


You can view your current SHCA Coins balance and view all the badges you’ve been awarded.

Auctions Settings

This section enables you to unsubscribe from auction notifications.

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