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Antiscam Shield

Build to protect honesty

Silverhammer has been created with security and anti-scam features so that everyone can enjoy collecting and trading in a safe environment. The technology behind the scenes ensures that only genuine collectors and sellers can list items and complete transactions. Our features are designed with you in mind!


We can’t reveal all our security features or give away secrets, and we are also prudent and cautious. No system can claim to be 100% foolproof, so we recognise our automated protection is not a silver bullet against the determined scammer. That’s why we have empowered another level of security: you, the members.

Notice, Report, Remove

This means that everyone takes a part in building a safe and vibrant digital environment. Everyone plays an important role in keeping the community safe via the Notice, Report, Remove protocol.


As a member, if you notice a suspicious item or activity, simply report it from the product page using the “Report this item” link. Once notified, moderators can investigate and, if appropriate, remove it from the site. If necessary, we will work with all members involved and the fraud prevention authorities may be contacted. Please also refer to our collector’s series guide Fakes- What Happens When I Report?

Additional safeguards

As well as the “Report this item” link, members can also alert us via our Customer Support Form with any concerns they may have about a particular item, transaction, or pattern of behaviour that seems at odds with the ethos of integrity.


An additional layer of protection also functions automatically via the mutual review process. After each transaction members and sellers can review each other, so it is in everyone’s interest to buy and sell in a professional manner. 


If things do go wrong with an individual transaction, communication is crucial to reach a positive resolution. For example, research shows that 95% of delayed or lost items are due to poor packaging, lack of appropriate insurance or a simple mistake in the destination address.

Resolution Centre

By default, we always assume that users come to our website with good intentions. However, there may be rare occasions when something goes wrong. 


If that happens, members can open a case against the other party to resolve any disagreements that could not be resolved by earlier informal efforts. See our Resolution Centre page for more information.


In line with our desire always to assume good intentions, we will always listen to explanations before reaching a decision, and we will listen again if more information comes to light. However, both buyers and sellers will appreciate that, once all representations are made, our decision will be final. 

Comprehensive measures to protect and enhance security

Our security is built on multiple overlapping levels of protection:

  • Secure registration process
  • Subscriptions ensure commitment and user validation
  • Verifications provide traceability and accountability
  • Technology keeps online trolls away from the platform
  • Secure & safer payment gateway with real time payment risk assessment
  • Fraud protection
  • Blocking suspicious activity and IP addresse
  • Moderators
  • 2-way review system between sellers and buyers enhances trust and credibility
  • Behaviour and conduct policy
  • Full all around protection/live scanners

…and you the member can help to keep our community safe by:

  • Reporting suspicious items and activity
  • Communication, secure packaging and postage standards
  • Resolution Centre
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