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Welcome to Silverhammer Collectors Community – a community that’s yours, not ours! It's the heart of the Silverhammer Platform.


What is Silverhammer community?

The Silverhammer Community is a social network where members can share their wisdom about collecting, and their appreciation for their most precious items. Members can build relationships, and create friendships and interest groups. For example, someone who collects Shillings can create a group called Shillings Appreciation Group. 

The communty aims 

Our aim for the community is for it to become a vibrant and informative place for all things coins, tokens, medals, banknotes and more. We hope that it will become the central British destination for all collectors in this field, new and experienced. We love the joy of collecting these fascinating items; we love to share and learn about the joys of numismatics,  phaleristics, notaphily militaria, exonumia, and much more…

What the community is about?

The Silverhammer Community is not about buying and selling collectors’ items or making profits. It’s about spreading knowledge and enthusiasm. It’s about encouraging collecting as a hobby and a professional interest, as well as being the road to pursue your hobby to the next level (and perhaps becoming a dealer in your chosen artefacts) if you choose to do so. 

Above all, it’s about developing a safe and engaging online space where our enjoyment of our hobby can be shared in a friendly and collaborative way.

In contrast to major social networking sites, our community represents a specialised niche gathering of people who share common interests and knowledge. There’s a real sense of belonging and appreciation.

The discovery of new items, making connections with collectors, and professionals who’ll influence future generations of collectors and professionals – these are all our purposes. We foster this vibrant community and marketplace as the one place to bring the joy of the hobby.

How it works?

The Community works in a circular process as follows:

the community shares knowledge about collecting specific items,

members learn more about their hobby and become confident collectors,

they grow their collections and share it with others – they improve their collections using the marketplace where they sell old items and buy new ones,

members share their growing knowledge and excitement about their new collectables.

Become a member now and register to start your new journey. It’s free to join the Silverhammer Platform.

Community Member and Profile

After registration members get their Profile Page. They can upload profile pictures, cover pictures, edit their information and customise profile settings.

The profile features a personal dashboard to view personal activity, friends, groups and private messages.

Community members are able to get involved in the community. They can:

post updates and comments

request friendships

follow sellers, dealers and professionals profiles and Stores

make purchases

Members have full control over who sees their profile. For example you can set the visibility to: Everyone, Only You, All Members, or Only Friends.

Profile Dashboard


This tab show all your activity, updates, comments, new friendships and new listings.


This tab allows you to view and edit your profile information, and change the profile photo and cover image.


This tab displays all your read and unread notifications. You get notified about any events in your User Menu, for example when someone sends a private message, replies to an update, or when you receive a review. See also, email notifications settings.


This tab shows your inbox, sent messages, and starred messages. Members can compose and send private messages to other registered members. 


This tab display all your friends and pending friend requests.


This tab shows all your group memberships and pending invitations.


This tab shows all your reviews from Vendors.

Send Invites

Every member can invite others to register on the Silverhammer Platform and join our community. You receive SHCA Coins (points) when you invite someone and they accept your invitation.

Pending invitations can be viewed here and invitations resent.

Forums (Groups only)

A Forum is a Group feature. This helps to keep content in a discussion on-subject…

The tab shows all Forums created by you in Groups. See Group Forums for more information.

SHCA Coins Statement

This tab shows all your points transactions.


Here members can change passwords, choose which email notifications they would like to receive, and change profile visibility settings.

Email notifications

Notifications are on by default. You have an option to  switch off emails for any listed events.

Activity Dashboard

Members have full control of what they would like to see on their Activity Wall. Members can choose between personal updates, mentions, favourite comments, friends, and groups activity.

Activity Wall Streams

An Activity Stream is where members can see what other members are doing in the community –  for example new friendships, updates and comments.

There are 3 areas of activity streams: Personal, Public and Groups.

Personal Activity Stream

The Personal Activity Stream can be accessed from your profile. It will show various activities related to you.

Public Activity Stream

The Public Activity Stream can be accessed from the User Menu and it shows all community activities like other members’ updates, comments and listings they published for sale.

Group Activity Stream

The Group Activity Stream will be available to you when you join a group. This activity shows only updates from the group members. Group activities can be viewed by visiting any group home page. 


Silverhammer Platform is all about encouraging collecting and spreading knowledge. Please note that groups whose purpose is selling/buying or auctioning items, and any gambling or raffle game groups are not allowed.

If you wish to sell your collectables on our platform please register as a seller and list your items via Seller Dashboard.

Members can create a group for people who share similar interests in collecting. For example, there could be a group for medal lovers or those who specialise in or collect specific coins like Crowns. The possibilities are endless. 

 Group Admin

Members who create a group automatically become the Group Admin. This comes with social and sitewide responsibilities like:


‘Approval to Join’ requests,

sending and accepting invitations, 

managing privileges,

promoting admins and moderators or

enabling Forums.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information. 

There are 3 types of groups: public, private and hidden.

Public Groups

Any member can join a public group. This group content and activity will be visible to all site members.

Private Groups 

Members need to request to join the group and be accepted by the Group Admin. This group’s content and activity is visible only to the group members.

Hidden Group

Members can’t join this group or request membership. Only the Group Admin can invite others. This group and its content and activity is not visible sitewide. The purpose of a hidden group is to enable professional members to have closed conversations with their colleagues and their invitees. 

Group Invitations

Group Admins can specify who can invite others to a group. Options are:

All members,

Admin and moderator,


Group Forums

Group Admins can enable Forums for their group and publish conduct guidelines and rules. Group members can create topics in the subject or the group.


Group Members


When any user joins a group, they become a member and take part in discussions. Public groups are accessible without a join request and the user becomes a member automatically when they post anything in that group.


Members of Private Groups can also see who else is a member of that group and send invitations to other friends.


Group Moderators


If a member is promoted to Group Moderator status, they will be able to edit, close and delete any topic or comment and manage other content on the topic to moderate it.


Group Administrators


Group Administrators have full control over the content of the groups and its settings, and moderator privileges. Administrators can change the group status from private to public, change the group cover image and manage group membership, including promotions and bans, or even delete the group. 


Group Join Requests


Group Administrators can manage requests via their Group Dashboard/Manage/ Request and approve or reject requests. 


A notification is added to the User Menu.


How to Create a Group


To create a Group, navigate to User Menu/Groups and click on Create Group Button.


Give the group a name and a short description, enable the Forum, and upload a photo and cover image. Finally, invite friends! Only members who are your friends can be invited at this point.


You can choose to create a public, private or hidden group and specify who can invite others to that group. 


Members who create a group automatically become an Administrator of that group. They can promote other group members to be an administrator and/or moderator.


How to join a private group


To join a private group, users can request membership from the Group Home Page/Request membership, and include a message to the group administrator.


Alternatively, a quick request can be submitted from the Groups List Page.


Safeguarding Tools

Our community is designed to be safe and welcoming space. All who participate should be able to do so without being subject to inappropriate behaviour from others. Anyone who reasonably considers that another’s behaviour is inappropriate or suspicious is free to take the actions described below.


Reporting members and suspicious activity in the community is taken very seriously by our moderators and the features are designed to safeguard and protect our community from online trolls.


Report Suspicious Activity

Members can report any suspicious activity and flag inappropriate content.


Block Members

Members can block other users if they feel harassed or experience unpleasant behaviour. This can be done from a member profile of the Members Page. 


If a member blocks another member, then each member will no longer be able to view each other’s profile, view or post replies, and the whole activity wall. The friendship will also be revoked.


In addition, it will not be possible to review a user that blocked another who is a seller.


Members can check their blocked members list from Profile/ Settings/Blocked Members.


To remove the block just click on Unblock Button.




If a member is being suspended due to reports on their account, then the account will not be accessible by them and it will not be visible to others. The member will be logged out and logging in again will also not be possible.


Any suspended member would need to get in touch with moderators to resolve any problem before they can be allowed back into the community.




Members play an important part in keeping the community safe and can report any suspicious and inappropriate behaviour or breaches of the site terms and conditions.


Members can report other members, private messages, activity wall updates and replies, groups and group forum topics, and replies.


The reported activity might be hidden temporarily and members suspended pending investigation.


Antiscam Shield 

Our security doesn’t stop there. We have robust security measures to protect our members and community not only while making new friends and connections and contributing in the community, but also when using the marketplace on The Silverhammer Platform. 


To find out more about Antiscam Shield please visit this page.


While our moderators are constantly monitoring the site for unscrupulous activity, everyone has a part in building a safe and vibrant digital environment. Everyone plays an important role in keeping the community safe via the Notice, Report, Remove protocol.


This protocol applies both to the community and the marketplace to ensure that the environment stays friendly and free of scams and online trolls. 


Become a Community Moderator

Suitable members of the community can apply to become Community Moderators. This is a vital role to keep the community safe.


Members who are the Community Moderators will have a moderation section in their Profile Page. They can view reports and perform certain actions.


Visit this page to apply.

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Yes, you can request access from your profile page and by going to Settings. We will email you a link for the files to be downloaded.

No, it’s free to register as a member and get involved in the community. If you want to become a seller you can purchase a subscription any time. 

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