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Getting Started


You can sign up using our secure registration form. It’s free to register as a member. However, to start selling your collectables, you will need a valid seller’s subscription. 14-days trials are offered with all subscriptions.


We recommend to register as:


Community Member + Private Seller,


Community Member + Business Seller.


Community Member only registration with no selling capacity is available and carries a non-refundable administration fee of £ 1.00. This to enable security checks and ensure integrity of the platform.


After registration we will create your:

Customer Account,


Member profile, and


if you registered as a Seller,


your Seller’s dashboard.


To register on the site, you need to have your mobile phone and payment card ready. We will perform security checks during the registration. Please visit our AntiScam Shield page for more information.

Quick Questions Answered

Only verified people or businesses can register and interact on our platform.

The registration takes only a few minutes, and you will be able to buy and/or sell your collectables right away.

Set your Password

After successful registration, users will receive an email containing a link to set their password and finish their account set up.

Which Account should I register for?

A Community member is a person who does not plan to list any items for sale and the account does not have any selling capacity. They can register as a Seller at any point after registering as a member.


Community members can use our social network, communicate with other users, send friend requests and purchase any times listed by other Sellers.

No subscription is required at the time of registration for their
Community Member account but community members will need to
verify their payment method for security purposes.

A Private Seller is an individual, a collector or hobbyist, in areas such as Numismatics, Notaphily, Phaleristics and other Exonumia, and other fields of interest.


The sale of an item by a private Seller is for a purpose other than for commercial gain. Private Sellers offer items for sale casually from their own collection and buy other items to enrich their collections.


Check if you should become a business and pay tax.

Selling online – should I pay tax?

Visit Suppot Center – Income TAX


A Business Seller is a sole trader or a company registered as a business and represented by a community member (business owner). Businesses can sell large collections of items and must pay tax.


We offer Seller subscriptions so that we understand our community better and as a result better keep it safe.


Subscriptions are designed to fit all needs, from a collector who sells occasionally to professional dealers or businesses who sell hundreds of items per month. You can check our subscriptions page for more details. You can always contact us if you require a bespoke account.

Private/Individual subscriptions do not have a shop front.
However, you can try the Superior Collector’s Subscription which offers Store features and settings to check if it fits your future business model.

Depending on your subscription package you will have access to certain features and options.

How Subscriptions Work

Subscriptions are necessary before you can start listing your collectibles. If you don’t purchase a subscription after registration your account will not be enabled for selling.


Subscriptions define your Seller’s account features and settings, how many listings can be published or advertised, and your commissions.


Subscriptions may only be bought on their own. Listings that were in the cart will be removed when a subscription plan is added; they will have to be added again after the purchase of a subscription.


We offer a 14 days non-obligatory trial. For peace of mind, Sellers are charged after the trial finishes. After purchase, your selling account will be enabled immediately.


We offer a trial period only for new members. If you switch subscriptions during the free trial period the trial will end and you will be charged the full amount of the new subscription.


All subscriptions can be upgraded or downgraded mid-term. At the time of change the Seller has to pay the full amount of the new subscription. If the package is upgraded the difference will be adjusted in the new billing period.


If the Seller downgrades their package, any listings that exceed the current amount available will be placed in Draft status. Sellers can decide which listing to continue selling.


If a Seller runs out their selling quota, they can delete a listing to be able to publish another one.


When the subscription expires all products can be sold as they are, but can’t be edited or new products added.


Setting Up Your Account

My Account page is the central customer dashboard in the Silverhammer Platform. There you can access your recent orders, shipping and billing addresses, and account settings.


For more information about your account please visit here.


Setting Up Your Member Profile

After their successful login a Community Member is redirected to their profile page where they can see their full profile and activity, notifications and messages, plus friends and invitations, reviews, and their current SHCA Coins balance and statement.


Under the Profile Tab users can edit their profile, add or change their profile picture and cover image, and more.


Members can invite friends to join the Silverhammer Platform. Both inviter and invitee get rewarded with SHCA Coins(points).


Note that if a member has a Seller account, after successful login they will be redirected to Seller Dashboard.


For more information about your seller’s dashboard please visit here.


Setting Up Your Store (Sellers only)

When a member becomes a Seller, they are presented with the Seller Setup Wizard. This is a very important process so you should go through it carefully. This includes payment methods for payouts, shipping methods, store policies, and more.


Please visit our 3-step set up guide to help you to get the most from the Silverhammer Platform.



Member verification starts from the very beginning of the registration process.


Verification is needed to protect our community and is required by other agencies like HRMC(His Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, the UK government agency to taxation) or payment processors.


Seller verification is slightly more complex for Sellers but easy to complete. And it comes with benefits to add trust and authenticity, which should result in more sales.


For more information about the verification process please visit here.


Seller Account Type Migration

We offer 2 Seller accounts types: Private Seller and Business Seller.


Members can migrate their Store if a casual hobby becomes a business or if a business ceases their activities but the member would like to continue selling their collectors’ items on a casual basis.

Migrating your Seller’s account may result in various legal rules affecting you, including but not limited to: Seller’s terms and conditions, taxation, the information you provide and how that information is displayed in your account, and the features available to you in your Seller’s dashboard. More information can be found on our Seller Help pages.

User Menu

In the menu, members can access pages relating to their Account, Member Profile and the Community, Auction Activity; if they are Sellers, they can access their Shop.

Additionally, they can:

● Access their Member profile and edit it
● View their Activity Wall
● Check Notifications, for example for friend requests and received reviews
● View their Member page, search members, view their profile and add other members as Friends.

They can also:

● View Auctions they participate in
● View their list of submitted bids
● View their list of won auctions (My Won Auctions) and pay for them.


Members with a selling account can manage and visit their Store. Community Users can Become Sellers and create a Private or Business Seller Account.

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