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Report Suspicious Activity

If there is an issue with an item you sold or purchased, for example if it doesn’t match the description, did not arrive or arrived damaged, then please request a return or message the seller to reach an amicable solution. If that doesn’t work then use the resolution centre and open a case.

Our Mission

Silverhammer’s driving mission, and our passion, is to ensure safe participation in our services and enjoyable collecting throughout the community.


We have put special measures in place to help detect and deal appropriately with unscrupulous activity. This includes our Notice, Report, Remove protocol.


When a user reports suspicious behaviour it will be investigated by one of our Moderators. Suspect listings may be temporarily removed until checked and then, depending on the outcome, re-instated or removed for good. Users found in breach of our conditions could also face restrictions on their accounts or their account may be permanently removed. Any data associated with it will be permanently deleted.


Users in breach of our terms and conditions may be put on our ‘blocked list’ temporarily or indefinitely. If it is reasonable to think that a crime may have been committed then the matter may be referred to the police.


Our default approach is always to assume that users come to our website with good intentions. However, where there are reasonable evidence-based concerns to the contrary, it may be up to them to prove that they are acting in good faith. 


Empowering our community in this way is an important part of our AntiScam Shield security features. Take your time and read all about it.


Notice, Report, Remove Protocol

This means that everyone takes a part in building a safe and vibrant digital environment. Everyone plays an important role in keeping the community safe via the Notice, Report, Remove protocol.


As a member, if you notice a suspicious activity, simply report it. Once notified, moderators can investigate and, if appropriate, remove the activity from the site. If necessary, we will work with all members involved.

What can be reported?

Members can report any inappropriate or suspicious activity in The Community and The Marketplace for our representatives to review the item and listing details.


As a result, members and their content will be reviewed by our Safeguarding Systems and moderators to ensure it complies with our policy.

Reporting Listings

Any listing can be reported from the listing page by clicking on the Report this item link. Any item can be reported, for example if it has the following criteria.


The item is prohibited

The item may be fake

The listing contains someone’s personal information

The listing infringes upon someone’s copyrights

The listing is offensive

The listing is a scam

Other reason of concern


If you wish to report a seller, please report the member who owns the shop the listing is offered from. This can be done from their profile page.

Reporting Members

Members can report others when there is a concern over their conduct or behaviour. If the conduct or behaviour is found to be inappropriate it can lead to that person’s suspension.

For example, the following behaviour can be reported:


Sexually inappropriate content or comment


Prohibited content

Gambling and Raffle Games

Trading in the community, Scam

False news

Offensive content or comment

Violent content or comment



Hate Speech




Block Member

Members can block others if they experience unpleasant behaviour or they just don’t like content published by them. This means that the member who has blocked another will stop seeing content from that other person, but that person will remain on the platform.

Reporting Activity

Members can report all other content published in the community activity wall or personal activity wall, for example updates and comments.


Reported content will be immediately hidden for the reporter. 

Reporting Groups

Members can report Groups and content, including Group Forum topics and replies. If the content is reported it will be hidden for the reporter. 

Automatic Suspension

On some occasions members can be temporarily suspended or have content temporarily removed automatically by the security system. 


When this happens, it can result in a temporary suspension until the reported content is reviewed by our moderators. While suspended, members would not be able to post comments, update status, or send private messages and they will be removed from the member list.

Table of Contents

If you have been reported then you or the content you posted in the Community will be removed for the reporter. 


Our moderators will be in touch if needed. If the moderators believe you breached any policies or Terms and Conditions you may be suspended and the case investigated. Otherwise, the report will be dismissed and your account fully unlocked.


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