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Opps!… If you are here it looks like something went wrong and we are sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, not all transactions have a win-win outcome, and this occasionally should be expected for various reasons out of your or our control.


We are committed to maintaining the integrity of Silverhammer Coin Auctions.


Hence, we are here to support all parties and work to help overcome any hurdles that crop up while members trade. We work effectively to answer concerns and to reach a fair outcome for all. 


Reasons to use the Resolution Centre

Usually, it’s best not to open a case just because someone is unhappy with something due to their own choices or rushed decisions. 


Acceptable reasons are for example:


Item not received,

Items not as described,

Item damaged,

Counterfeit or fake, or

Payment not received.


In some cases, it is not advisable to open a case; for example, if , as a buyer, you just changed your mind, failed to read the description carefully, or there’s  a late delivery due to a carrier issue outside of seller’s control. On these occasions sellers may accept the return but they are not obliged to do so and it’s likely they would not refund the shipping fee or/and apply restocking fee.


If the item was lost or damaged in transit, the seller is obligated to refund.


How to dispute a transaction

Stage 1- Mutual Agreement

First of all, members who are buyers and sellers should contact each other to try to resolve any issue mutually.


This can be done by messaging each other or requesting return providing courteous explanations of the problem and its response. It is important to always be respectful and tactful. If this fails then the unhappy party can open a case and ask our representative to step in. This should be done no later than 30 days after the transaction date.


We would expect that this stage would be concluded within 7 days but can last longer depending on various reasons. When a mutual agreement is reached both parties need to action the agreement and the case would be concluded. Finally, the seller can close the case themselves.


If an agreement hasn’t been reached, parties can ask our representative for help and open a case via the Resolution Centre (link) and ask for Silverhammer representatives to help determine the outcome. You can do this by selecting Open an unsolved case. 

Stage 2 – Resolution Centre – Open a case


Simply fill in the form on the next page, providing accurate and detailed information.


Our representative will review information provided by both parties. They may request additional information or clarification. 


You will need to provide your personal details and transaction details, including order number, and the topic ID number (this is the conversation you had with the other party about the problem).


If for any reason you can’t complete the form in one go then you can save it for up to 7 days and come back to it when you are ready.


Using the Resolution Centre without a valid reason can lead to restriction being placed on your account. A case cannot be opened if parties haven’t tried to resolve any issues amicably at Stage 1.

What happens next?

We will notify you that a case has been submitted against you and whether or not that case is accepted forIf the case remains unresolved, then our representative will finally step in to determine the outcome, and their decision is final.


If each party opens a case for the same transaction Silverhammer will deal with it via the one that was submitted first. The second one will be declined but both parties will be involved in the process. A case may take from a few days to a few weeks to be resolved.


Confirmation and recommendations will be sent via email and parties will be informed in the initial topic/return request conversation.


Each party will have 5 days to respond to our notification email. If Silverhammer’s recommendation is accepted then transfer of any money owed should be within 48 hours, along with any other actions to be performed as agreed. The case usually ends here.



After the case has been concluded and closed by our representative, both parties have the right to appeal if the decision has been made mistakenly or additional information has become available.


An appeal can be made via the Resolution Centre form by selecting the appeal option. Appeals should be submitted no later than 14 days after the case has been concluded.


Before appealing it is important that parties review their case carefully, collect evidence, and have a valid and strong reason for the appeal. Being unhappy with the outcome is not sufficient reason to appeal unless there is new information to consider, or you have reasonable grounds to claim that the process of the original review was faulty.


Our representative will confirm whether or not  the appeal is accepted for consideration. If your appeal is unfounded we may need to impose temporary restrictions on your account or apply a charge for an unwarranted appeal. 


Nothing in our review or appeal system prevents your use of formal mediation or the law. It is also important to note that it is not necessarily guaranteed that a party will comply with a case or appeal result. If that happens the matter may need to be referred to appropriate authorities.


Where we reasonably consider that any party is acting dishonestly or vexatiously, or in contravention of the standards required on this platform, we will take steps to prevent repetition. Usually this will be by placing restrictions on accounts at fault or even removing them altogether. 


How to Avoid disputes. 

Ensure listings have detailed descriptions


The description needs to be accurate, cover specifics, condition and any imperfections. This helps buyers to make informed purchases.


Use good quality photos


When taking your photos use sufficient lighting, a clear background and place your camera on a tripod. Avoid shadows and blurred areas. Show any defects, scratches or marks.




Be clear with your item price, shipping cost and extra fees like restocking fee for example. Surprise may lead to a return request.




Good and timely communication is key! Always respond to messages promptly, be kind, respectful and professional. This will help avoid complaints or make it easier to resolve disputes. 


Shipping and Packaging


Always ensure that your packages are secure and ideally offer tracking. Post goods promptly, as described in your Terms & Conditions.


Use a Clear Return Policy


Publish a clear return policy in your store and specify terms and conditions, a maximum return period, and return shipping costs.




Ensure that you comply with Silverhammer Terms & Conditions, and consumer legislation. Be up to date with current laws, responsibilities and trends in best practice.


Good conduct in business can help to build long lasting relationships with members.


Use Feedback for your advantage


Use feedback to identify areas of improvement Negative feedback canbe the most valuable.

Table of Contents

Enter Resolution Process

Please login to see the form on the next page. Click on the button to start the process. 

Please login to view and submit a case.

This form is interactive, it means it will change depending on your answers. The form can be used for 2 purposes:


To open an unresolved transaction case


A case can be opened only if you already contacted the other party to reach an agreement amicably, and an agreement has not been reached.


In addition to your personal and contact details we will require information about the transaction date, order number, and topic number/return request number -everything that clearly shows the attempt by both buyer and seller to resolve any issues. 


In the Case Statement text field please clearly explain what happened, including any evidence you may have, like seller return policy, tracking numbers, proof of postage and anything else you may feel is relevant.


To appeal about a case outcome


An appeal can be accepted only after a case has been previously referred to the Silverhammer representative and concluded.


You must have a valid reason to submit an appeal. For example, new evidence has come to light or you believe the outcome has been reached in error. We cannot accept an appeal because someone is just unhappy with the result. 

Please provide the topic number for our representative to review it, order number and transaction date.

We will need a clear explanation of the reasons for the appeal and evidence to back it up.


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