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This form is interactive, it means it will change depending on your answers. The form can be used for 2 purposes:


  • To open an unresolved transaction case

A case can be opened only if you already contacted the other party to reach an agreement amicably, and an agreement has not been reached.

In addition to your personal and contact details we will require information about the transaction date, order number, and topic number/return request number -everything that clearly shows the attempt by both buyer and seller to resolve any issues. 

In the Case Statement text field please clearly explain what happened, including any evidence you may have, like seller return policy, tracking numbers, proof of postage and anything else you may feel is relevant.


  • To appeal about a case outcome

An appeal can be accepted only after a case has been previously referred to the Silverhammer representative and concluded.


You must have a valid reason to submit an appeal. For example, new evidence has come to light or you believe the outcome has been reached in error. We cannot accept an appeal because someone is just unhappy with the result. 

Please provide the topic number for our representative to review it, order number and transaction date.

We will need a clear explanation of the reasons for the appeal and evidence to back it up.


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