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Reporting Suspicious Activity- what next?

Silverhammer’s driving mission, and our passion, is to ensure safe participation in our services and enjoyable collecting throughout the community.


We have put special measures in place to help detect and deal appropriately with unscrupulous activity. This includes vetting users and verifying their identity, for our own peace of mind and for any third parties that require the same check – for  example, Stripe payment processing.


Our Moderators constantly and tirelessly monitor all listings and behaviours to ensure compliance with our Terms and Conditions. In addition we have features on our website to enable our users themselves to report any harmful content on our platform with a click of a mouse.

Empowering our community in this way is an important part of our AntiScam Shield security features. Take your time and read all about it.

What Happens When I report?

When a user reports suspicious behaviour it will be investigated by one of our Moderators. Suspect listings may be temporarily removed until checked and then, depending on the outcome, re-instated or removed for good. Users found in breach of our conditions could also face restrictions on their accounts or their account may be permanently removed. Any data associated with it will be permanently deleted.


Users in breach of our terms and conditions may be put on our ‘blocked list’ temporarily or indefinitely. If it is reasonable to think that a crime may have been committed then the matter may be referred to the police. 


Our default approach is always to assume that users come to our website with good intentions. However, where there are reasonable evidence-based concerns to the contrary, it may be up to them to prove that they are acting in good faith. 


If we can see that a listing contains a description, pictures and features that don’t comply with our terms and conditions, the listing will be removed and the account may be also suspended until review and clarification. In line with our desire always to assume good intentions, we will always listen to explanations before reaching a decision, and we will listen again if more information comes to light. However, both buyers and sellers will appreciate that, once all representations are made, our decision will be final.


Our sellers are required to uphold the highest levels of professionalism and to conduct themselves and their business accordingly while representing SHCA. The same applies to users purchasing on our platform.

And finally, as with many online services, our website has the facility for all users to leave reviews. Poor customer service may result in a bad review and loss of authority. Good responsive service will lead to good feedback and a good online reputation – and that is worth its weight in gold sovereigns!

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