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Private Sellers Terms and Conditions

6.1.a Private Sellers Terms and Conditions


6.1a.1 These Terms and Conditions are incorporated in the  General Terms and Conditions governing access to and use of this Website and Platform. Please read all of the following terms carefully. If you sell collectors’ items on the Silverhammer Platform you must agree to comply with these Seller’s Terms and Conditions at all times.



6.1a.2 A Private Seller is an individual, a collector or hobbyist, in areas such as Numismatics, Notaphily, Phaleristics and other Exonumia, and more. The sale of an item by a private Seller is for a purpose other than for commercial gain. Private Sellers offer items for sale casually from their own collection and buy other items to grow their collections.



6.1a.3 You acknowledge that all transactions completed on Silverhammer Marketplace, and any sale contracts arising from these transactions are between you (the seller) and another Member of this Website  (the buyer), and that Silverhammer Auctions Ltd (Marketplace Operator) is only the facilitator and not involved directly in any transactions and sale contacts. 



6.1a.4 Sellers agree to pay for Subscriptions (when required), and pay Sellers Commission at rate currently advertised on our Website, including Advertising fees if such services have been added to listings. In addition, Sellers must pay fees due for payment processing.



6.1a.5 Private Sellers must comply with General Terms and Conditions of this Website and keep up to date with legal changes and changes to these Terms and Conditions, including information provided in the Support Center and any Policies published on this Website.



6.1a.6 If you registered on this Website as a Private Seller you certify that you are not a business, and are not actively pursuing any commercial or business activity or generating taxable income, related to the account that could be considered as for business purposes.



6.1a.7 Sellers may write and publish their own Terms and Conditions relevant to their sales activities that comply with local laws and these Terms and Conditions. In addition, Sellers may provide a Returns and Refund Policy.



6.1a.8 Private Sellers agree to be bound by the Global Shipment Security Policy, and the Returns and Refund Policy, if they do not provide or publish their own lawful terms relating to these policies.



6.1a.9 Sellers must provide and show information relevant to shipment processing and shipment delivery speed.



6.1a.10 Private Sellers must comply with their local laws and regulations that relate to taxation, research their local tax laws, and are responsible to know when to register as a business entity, and when to pay tax. If in doubt, Sellers must seek legal advice. 



6.1a.11 Sellers agree to keep records of any transactions completed on the Silverhammer Platform for tax purposes as long as it is required by law.



6.1a.12 If you, as a private person, register with relevant authorities as a business entity then you must migrate your account to become a Business Seller on the Silverhammer Platform, or register for a Business Seller Account. This can be done simply by selecting and purchasing Business Subscription. 



6.1a.13 You are required to provide additional information about you, and your activities relevant to sales and income generated through the Silverhammer Platform, for reporting purposes and obligations we may have. We may request this information anytime and you agree to respond in a timely manner. 



6.1a.14 Private Sellers acknowledge entering a Sale Contract with a buyer upon a sale and confirmed payment, and to be bound by the contract. You accept the price of the items sold on Silverhammer Platform via auction or a general listing, and will not try to charge buyers any additional fees.



6.1a.15 Respect copyrights, trademarks, and any intellectual property. You agree to not infringe on any third-party rights, or use any intellectual property without its legal owner’s permission.



6.1a.16 Sellers agree not to engage in Shill Bidding to fraudulently increase the price of an item for sale, or to persuade other Members to bid on items listed without an intent to purchase it.



6.1a.17 Private Sellers agree not to contact other Members on any third party website, or messaging app, or by calls, or on the Silverhammer Platform via private or public messages in the Activity Wall, Groups or Forums, to offer items for sale outside of the Silverhammer Marketplace with the intention of avoiding paying fees due to the Marketplace Operator for the sale. You agree to pay all fees due for items sold in connection to its availability on the Silverhammer Coin Auctions Website.



6.1a.18 Sellers must own all items they list on the marketplace and be in physical possession of such items.



6.1a.19 Listing or offering for sale items on multiple platforms or websites at the same time is prohibited, including listing the same item multiple times on Silverhammer Platform.



6.1a.20 Sellers agree to ensure that any items sold on the marketplace are available for dispatch as stated in the listing’s terms, immediately after receipt of cleared payment.



6.1a.21 Ensure that any item’s descriptions are full and detailed, accurate and true to the best of your knowledge. The description must represent exactly the item for sale.



6.1a.22 Private Sellers agree to not grade any items inaccurately, or include in their listings inaccurate descriptions of items using grading systems without having accurate knowledge and experience to do so. You may include item condition grade as a guide only for buyers to judge themselves, and must describe it as such, unless it is graded by a professional Grading Company like NGC or PCGS.



6.1a.23 Private Sellers agree to not overcharge buyers for their items and promise to research the estimated value of the items before they list it for sale.



6.1a.24 Sellers agree to include at least two images of the item being sold that are clear and in focus, without modifications, on a plain background and with the item visible in full.



6.1a.25 You agree to not alter or digitally modify images of items you list for sale to diminish any imperfections, or to improve the apparent quality and condition of the item pictured.



6.1a.26 You agree to not copy or include any copied images from Silverhammer Website or any other website in their listings, or use images that can be described as ‘for visual purpose only’. All images must accurately show the actual item for sale.



6.1a.27 You agree not to list items known as fake, or reasonably suspected as fake, without adequate description to fraudulently trick any prospective buyers for the items purchased as genuine. 



6.1a.28 All items listed for sale must fit in one or more of the listing categories available on this Website, and fit within the scope, niche, interests, or subject of this Website. We reserve the right to amend or delete items listed in an inappropriate category.



6.1a.29 You agree to respond in a timely manner to any buyer enquiries and communicate with others with honesty, kindness, respect and professionalism.



6.1a.30 You agree to honestly and fully engage in any dispute resolution process, and accept the final decisions made by our representatives.



6.1a.31 You agree to package and ship your items promptly, securely and with due care. See and read the Postage Security Policy.



6.1.32 Sellers agree to offer and charge true and accurate shipping costs and ship items within the timescale advertised in their listings or Store.



6.1a.33 Sellers agree to accept Returns and provide Refunds promptly, including any postage fees, as per policies included in their listings, and any applicable consumer laws including Right of Withdrawal. And likewise, full refunds must be given if it is proved that the item bought is fake or a forgery or a copy when it wasn’t described as such, or the description doesn’t reflect the true condition of the item in question. 



6.1a.34 Sellers may leave a review, and rate a Member upon the completed transaction. The Review must be  true, honest and respectful.



6.1a.35 Sellers agree to not dismiss any negative feedback received, and use it positively to improve their customer service.

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