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Return and Refund Policy

Global Return Policy 

All transactions made on the Silverhammer Platform are protected under Consumer Regulations that apply to goods bought online. The buyer has a right to cancel any order without giving reasons within a minimum of 14 days of receipt, and cancel the contract.



Silverhammer applies a 30 days’ return as standard, for a good piece of mind. Sellers can decide to apply 14 days, 30 days (1 month), 60 days (2 months), or longer periods to their sales. Various seller listings can have different return periods but should not be shorter than 14 days.



Sellers must tell customers about cancellation rights, otherwise returns and the cancellation period may be extended to up to 12 months.



Private Sellers may not be obliged to accept returns without fault or to honour the minimum 14 days of cancellation period. These are at their discretion unless there was a problem with the item. Private sellers must make sure their return conditions are clear regarding these terms.



Items sold must meet the item description. Item codition grades provided by a Pivate Seller may be used as guide only and stated as such, unless it was graded by a professional grading company.



Reasons for returns:


Buyer received wrong item, Item arrived damaged, Item is not as described,


Buyer ordered an item by a mistake.



Sellers are legally required to accept returns, but they can leave negative feedback on the purchaser account if they consider the return is an abuse of best practice. Repeated returns without a reason may result in action taken by OMP to protect good practices and the Silverhammer Platform’s credibility. 



If the item is returned because the seller sent a wrong item, it arrived damaged, or it was not as described then the seller must accept the return, even if they specified that they are not accepting any returns within 30 days of the buyer receiving the item. In this case the Seller must cover the return shipping costs.



The seller must also accept the return if they are legally obliged to do so, but they can specify in their terms and conditions who will pay the return shipping cost, and when.



Sellers also must accept returns if the item was ordered by a mistake or for any other reason should they have specified that returns are accepted and it was requested within the given time frame. 



All returns should be accepted within a minimum of 14 days from the date the buyer received the item. Sellers may choose to give a longer return period of 30 days (1 month), or 60 days (2 months). The buyer is responsible for covering the return shipping costs, unless agreed otherwise.



Items must be returned in the same condition as they were received.



They must be in the original packaging supplied by the seller. Sellers should inspect the item on arrival to ensure the item is in the same condition as it was sold.



If the item condition doesn’t match its ‘sold as’ condition, the seller may refuse the return, or issue a partial refund. 



If the seller is offering shipments to the EU, and an item is sold to a customer in any EU country then the seller must follow the EU Consumer Right Directive. More information can be found here https://eur-lex.europa.eu/eli/dir/2011/83/oj 


Seller’s Return Policy

Sellers can override the global policy and apply their own policies for all listings, or individually. For example, different rules may apply to professionally graded items.



Sellers must clearly state in their settings or listings that they apply their business return rules and do not use Silverhammer’s Global Return Policy wording. 



The seller’s Return Policy must comply with local consumer laws and the Silverhammer Platform Terms and Conditions.



Restocking fees can be set by the seller only if they accepted returns for an item and the buyer simply changed their mind.



Buyers can request a return when the order status is set as Processing. When the transaction is complete the seller changes the status to Completed, and the return option is no longer available for the buyer.



In some circumstances buyers can still request a return from the Order Confirmation Page.



Sellers must process their return requests on time, and issue refunds, and follow conditions set in their listings. 


Refund Policy


Sellers must follow the Marketplace Operator rules and regulations.



Sellers can have their own Refund Policy as long as it complies with consumer law and Marketplace Operator Terms and Conditions.



When a refund has been agreed the seller should issue a refund within 2 working days



We may need to step in if the refund was issued and the buyer has opened a case against the seller. 



Sellers can issue a partial refund on agreement with the buyer if:


You may agree that the buyer keep the item, especially for low value items,


The item arrived damaged or altered and the seller needs to cover their loses.

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